The Biggest Fan

The Biggest Fan

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2,850 words (≈ 11 minutes)

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A quick erotic tale that hits the bedsheets hard and fast.

Peter is a traveling author. He has just met his biggest fan – a beautiful woman with a sad tale to tell. With his wife across the ocean, Peter tempts himself. Plays the game. Allows himself to taste the life of the rich and famous.

But how far is he willing to go?

A teasing story of two people in the wrong place and the wrong bed.

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Language: English

Written in: 2013

Published: 2013-07-26

Word count: 2,850 words (≈ 11 minutes)

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Not everyone reads erotic fiction just for the immediate thrill. Some like the roads upon which they travel. For some, the characters doing the deed might just be as interesting as the deed itself.

Graham Black believes that.

Much of the erotic fiction available is no different from any of the millions of porn sites sprawled across the internet. Graham is working to change that. There is a plot behind his work and it’s not there just to move from one set of spread legs to the next. There are characters that live and breathe waiting in his pages. Scenes that not only take your breath away, but motivate you to keep reading and – most strangely – keep caring.

That’s what Graham believes. Do you?

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