Action Comics #29

Action Comics #29

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2,665 words (≈ 11 minutes)

Action Comics: Sons & Daughters of Krypton.

After the shocking final moments of last issue, Superman faces the challenge of a lifetime, and a foe he never thought he'd meet in combat?

It's Father Vs Son across the world, as Jor-El battles his son for his subjugation of the Planet Earth...! You can probably guess Lex Luthor has had a hand in this!

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Sun, 19 Jul 2009 15:12:49 +0200

It also works fine on a smartphone.

Sun, 19 Jul 2009 15:11:56 +0200

Just tried it a second ago and it worked fine on Mobipocket Reader on Windows. A corrupted download maybe ?

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Language: English

Written in: 2008

Published: 2009-07-01

Word count: 2,665 words (≈ 11 minutes)

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Lists (2 lists)

The Girl of Steel: Supergirl

This list encompasses all of the current DC2/DC3 continuity as well as Elseworlds appearances of the Supergirl.

Look! Up in the Sky! ... It's Superman!

Stories starring everyone's favorite Kryptonian both in normal DC2/DC3 continuity and Elseworlds stories.

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