The Summer of '83

The Summer of '83

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6,326 words (≈ 25 minutes)

Well, that's middle age for you: you either grow up, grow into it, accept its imperfections, its disappointments, and grow old grumbling at someone, or you ruin yourself on a mad fling with a girl half your age that you know won't last, and then you grow old alone and with only the walls to grumble at.

In the absence of any other alternatives, I know which of the two I prefer,... but what if there was a third alternative?

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Language: English

Written in: 2009

Published: 2009-11-28

Word count: 6,326 words (≈ 25 minutes)

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Michael Graeme is from the North West of England. He writes mainly literary romantic and fantasy fiction. His short stories have featured in the printed press, but Michael now prefers to write online, exploring the emerging ebook market. His work is always free and usually to be found first on Feedbooks.

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