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Beth Wants Forever

by Helen Seras

It had been a bad day and Beth had spent most of it wallowing in self pity, so she wasn't too happy when the doorbell rang with an unexpected visitor. It was Steve, and he was just what Beth needed - big, handsome,...



Hajj Booklet

by Moulana Sadiq Hasan - XKP

Hajj is an important cornerstone of Islam. It is a great worship and an important responsibility which must be discharged by those who are able, irrespective of age or gender. If Hajj becomes wajib but is not...

Poems of Faith, Poems of Truth

by Michael Pollick

"Poems of Faith, Poems of Truth" is a collection of spiritual pieces created by author Michael Pollick. Each poem addresses a different aspect of the Christian experience, from the first conflicts to final redemption....