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by Benjamin Leach

Our heart beats only so many times in our life. This is the journey of one man's life.

The child

by christina

To start a new life, yes, it really necessary to kill it all before ?

The Way Back

by Owen Zabel

Did you ever return from a vacation and wonder if you should have just stayed there?

You’re Allowed to Order Takeout

by Joseph Devon

This was a strange story in a lot of ways. I had to carve this out of very little. It’s short and it’s minimal, but for some reason I can’t stop thinking about it. Basically we visit with Neil, who has...



Everything you need to know about life taught by a 3 year old

by Peter Barbas

All the answers to life most important questions and challenges as addressed by a 3 year old. If you thought children could not teach you anything, think again. Some of lifes most valuable lessons are in this...

Black Denim Lit #3

by BlackDenimLit

RELEASE DATE: April 10, 2014: Black Denim Lit is a monthly journal of fiction available on the web and on all eReaders for free through This month Christopher T. Garry brings together sixty...