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A Life of Zen and the Benefits of Marriage

by Christian Glahn

A short prose paper on the makings of a successful relationship. The traits that each partner should share, work together for blissful life and successful marriage. ~First Edition - June 2010 Christian Glahn...

The Turn

by Christian Glahn

A game of communication. Describes a method taken from conflict resolution on how to communicate with your partner using game pieces and rules. This practice offers hands-on, how-to advice on listening, talking...

Passable Gravity of Marriage

by Holden Wilde

1,000 words of fiction on current state of marriage from a reasonable gent



The Special Duties Of Husbands Toward Their Wives

by Richard Baxter

Part of Baxter's "A Christian Directory" concerning marriage, and in particular the husband's duties.



Text Order Bride

by Kirsten Osbourne

Amanda, a home making teacher from Texas, believes that love has passed her by. She agrees to start communicating with someone her friend knows in Wisconsin, because she wants children, not because she believes...



Marriage: An Institution of God

by Marvin McKenzie

This booklet contains four simple lessons I use in pre-marriage counseling. They are more or less in outline form. It may be a help to someone else.



Duties of Husbands and Wives

by John Dod and Robert Cleaver

Excerpted from John Dod and Robert Cleaver's "A Plaine and Familiar Exposition of the Ten Commandements," a standard English Puritan treatment of the ten commandments, first published in 1603 and not reprinted...



Push Hands

by Michael Graeme

Phil and Penny were made for each other - the only problem is they are married to other people. When they meet at a Tai Chi class they quickly realise the depth of one another's loneliness and need for a sympathetic...

Too Good for this World

by LK Chapman

Two years after her husband’s death in a bizarre suicide pact between players of an online game, Imogen is still reeling and desperate for answers. Struggling to cope with her loss and isolation, she is sure...



Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage

by Islamic Mobility - XKP

Marital life ought to begin with earnestness and should continue happily under the shadow of love, tolerance and self-sacrifice. But practically speaking marriage contract and conjugal relations do not in all...

The Volunteer

by Bryan L. Lee

A new project at work leads to unusual consequences in this surprising short story.

Happy Anniversary, Darling

by Clare Tanner

A 25th Wedding Anniversary is a very special occasion. It is especially poignant when the odds have been stacked against you....

Husbands and Wives

by J. R. Miller

General instructions to husbands and wives from an American 19th century presbyterian.



Matrimonial Rights

by Sayyid Mahdi As Sadr - XKP

Marriage is the holy legal tie between man and woman through which they share the same life and reciprocate definite rights and obligations. God has passed the law of matrimony so as to keep humankind on this...

Callie Marries the Brothers

by Nikki Palmer

Callie lives in a society where most women have been killed by disease. She is required to marry four brothers the day she turns 18. Will she be able to adjust to this lifestyle?

Closeness in Love

by Lovers in Training

Free ebook about closeness in love relationships. We enter into love relationships because we want to be close. Or so we say. Learn about a deeper understanding of closeness, different kinds of closeness, the...



Youth and Spouse Selection

by Islamic Mobility - XKP

Dear reader! This book suggests to the youth, solutions to only one of the burning problems of the day from an Islamic perspective and viewpoint. The subject forms the crust of the youths' problems, and is obviously...

Before I Get Married

by Jim Dayton

Before I Get Married is the story of a misguided young man's trip to the altar.



Humanae Vitae

by Pope Paul(VI)

Pope Paul VI's encyclical on birth control, written in 1968.


by M.A. Koontz

A frustrated wife who is unhappy with her life decides to take matter into her own hands one summer morning.