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You'll Find Me There

by K. Thorpe

Mike, an injured amateur footballer, went to see he team play on the local park. He noticed a young girl on the touchline, looking rather sad and cold. Little did he know the full horror of her story.




by K. Thorpe

A selection of original poems.



The Great Escape

by K. Thorpe

Goldie the rabbit goes on a big adventure.

A Derbyshire Funeral

by K. Thorpe

When visiting old churches, take a careful look at who else is there. Especially if there's a funeral taking place.

The Mountain

by K. Thorpe

Oliver Lomax has been involved in an accident. His life becomes very strange and he meets people from his life in an extraordinary place.



Pearls Before The Swine

by K. Thorpe

Rich kid Patricia rejected her family and their money to live a worldly life of drugs, in a squat. She looked down on her boyfriend and his friends, treated them like dirt, but used them to provide her with...

Haunted Realms

by K. Thorpe

A selection of original poetry.

Dream Thief

by K. Thorpe

Kathy was being haunted, but she didn't know what - or who - was haunting her. Somehow, Keith Brooks was involved. He hoped he could help her, and took her to his Aunt Evie's home where she met the 'Pentangle...

Life For A Life

by K. Thorpe

Felix thought he had the perfect answer to his problem. His unsatisfactory wife was dead, he had a wonderful mistress and now his new housekeeper satisfied all his other needs. But he soon finds out that all...