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Crime Stories : Gator Food

by Alex Whitfield

A brand new installment to make you think.



Lost Dragon Wars : Intro and 4th Chapter teaser

by Alex Whitfield

The world will come apart from in itself but it's who the enemy is, and better yet what they have done that will shock everyone. Sorry guys I've been gone for awhile and promised more material so I republished...



Crime Stories Mother No Law

by Alex Whitfield

Family can be so messed up.

Crime Stories Devil-Ma

by Alex Whitfield

Another installment from Crime Stories is here to make your mind unravel. You know the drill find the answers. This Crime Story has been updated to make it better hope you enjoy.

Crime Stories Band Troubles

by Alex Whitfield

Thank-you for the great response here's more.

Crime Stories Sorry Honey

by Alex Whitfield

All right this is the second one to the series if they get a good response I'll make more.

Crime Stories Hell-of-a-Ween

by Alex Whitfield

See if you can figure out the who,what, and why before the second chapter.

World Of Dead Preface

by Alex Whitfield

This is the story behind the growing in popularity World Of Dead Series a Book being written by Robby Deluca and in part by me.

Lost Dragon Wars The Rising Preview 2

by Alex Whitfield

Thank-you all for putting me over the 100 download mark and keep an eye out, I will be uploading the three first chapters to Lost Dragon Wars soon.

Lost Dragon Wars The Rising Preview 1

by Alex Whitfield

In a World struck by an unseen terror and global conflict one shall rise against the powers of evil. Now the world will shake and the sky will burn and it will be a miracle in itself just to survive