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Ride Me to Haven Daddy

by Jessica Fairweather

DJ Rahjeem, the hotness thing in music and looks and Jazel, a stripper will find that bad situations can bring good...

Daddy, Take It Slow!

by Jessica Fairweather

Missy was no obsessive fan of Khalil and Khalil was not used to Missy's attitude towards him because of his proposal...how will this end? Missy in his bed or her walking away?

Daddy's Fool!

by Jessica Fairweather

Symone Monroe was a women obsessed to being on top and will do anything to get there...Michael Bryan was a lawyer who was a partner owner of his family company. Just how far Symone will go to get The Bryan's...

Who's Your Daddy?

by Jessica Fairweather

A steaming one-night stand between a sexy white rich man and a Latino Jamaican exotic.

Her Bestfriend's Brother

by Jessica Fairweather

Jesse, the untamed, throw caution in the wind 18 year girl is spending the week with her best friend and her best friend's brother is back home from college...see what will happen in the house of the Nelson's...

My Journey 2 the Center of the Earth

by Jessica Fairweather

It’s my birthday and my dad is planning a surprise birthday trip. Yeah! (Not really). I hope it isn’t boring like the time I went to outer space when really I went to the most boring space museum ever. I...

His Sticky White Substance

by Jessica Fairweather

Young love draws flames of desire, hot between the "V" and speed behold in the long length!