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by Roderick Gladwish

Winner of the BSFA 50th Anniversary Short Story Competition. The war is over, but secrets remain.

Blood Trust

by Roderick Gladwish

1927: in London's East End something strange is happening in a convent.

Soul Price

by Roderick Gladwish

A horror tale about a woman who's life choices finally catch up with her.

The Kings (and Queens) of Speed

by Roderick Gladwish

There's a new form of spacecraft propulsion and it ROCKS!

Stone Me

by Roderick Gladwish

The Secret of how Stonehenge was built.

Psychic Fair

by Roderick Gladwish

Come to the psychic fair for a bit of light-hearted fun.

The Plumber's Apprentice

by Roderick Gladwish

A humorous fantasy story for children and sequel to 'Maid for a Dragon'. A plumber, a princess and a mermaid. Someone is going to learn something.

Maid for a Dragon

by Roderick Gladwish

A humorous fantasy story for children. What is a girl to do when a knight in shining armour is not coming to rescue her?