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3 Wise Women of Bethlehem

by Sophia Sirius

It has been 2000 years since Jesus Christ was born - as told in the bible. But the evangelists were not present then, so the story contains only a few historical data, but many myths and symbols: Joseph and...



Meine Einführung in einen neuen Feminismus

by Sophia Sirius

Dieses Buch ist über eine neue Idee für den Feminismus, und wir hoffen, dass Sie diese bei Ihren Gemeinden zu teilen. 28% der Brutto-Gewinne gehen an die Rechte der Frau weltweit zu unterstützen. 13 pps.



My Introduction to a New Feminism - A Man's GuideBook

by Sophia Sirius

Discover how harmony and working in cooperation can bring a new sense to Feminism, that includes everyone, women and men to resolve our issues and challenges. As a New Feminism Man, raised with a strong Mother...