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Farther Along the Coastal Road

by Steven Bowman

Yesterday I almost died. And I hate to admit it because of all the bullshit that people say these days about near death experiences and screaming YOLO! But fuck it, my life did indeed flash before my very eyes....

Outlaw (Beyond The Dome)

by Steven Bowman

Non-stop, high octane action, fueled by vengeance and extraordinary circumstances. Caught in the crossroads of dimensions, an outlaw, who goes by the name of Harvey, must travel through wicked lands plagued...

The Dome

by Steven Bowman

Will you survive? Will you escape? Will you live to tell the tale? Or will your mind break?

The Midnight Bus Driver

by Steven Bowman

A bus driver on the midnight shift counted his lucky stars when a meteorite crashed before his very eyes, but what he found in the wreckage was an enigma that held secrets that no one should witness. And with...

Dead Society Alumni - Part One

by Steven Bowman

Governments do not exist. There is no such thing as a military anymore, although we are all soldiers. You are not being protected if you are not protecting yourself. There is no such thing as a normal life anymore....