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How to Pack a Box of Books: A Fiction

by Tom Triumph

Fiction. Instructing the reader in how to properly pack a box of books, the narrator unloads his failed relationship as he readies his ex-girlfriend to move out.



Wells and Wilde: A Fiction

by Tom Triumph

Oscar Wilde and H.G. Wells, young writers on the verge of fame, accept an invitation to dinner from a scientist with a time machine. On a lark the two climb in and find themselves in modern day, to humorous...

Woodshop: A Fiction

by Tom Triumph

The gruff Mr. Ellis teaches Woodshop in a forgotten end of the school with cannibalized machines to an apathetic student body. As the factories close down and jobs leave forever, students at Devon schools are...



We Could Hear the Howls of the ADHD Boys: A Fiction

by Tom Triumph

A group of survivors in post-apocalyptic New England go from town to town scavenging for pharmaceuticals in order to stay alive. One man in the tribe searches for seizure meds for his son, while a gang of ADHD...