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by DK Newton

The corridor was unusually cold and Julia did not like the way Miss Kone, her manager, was looking at her, but her mind was made up, she was going to take over Team 101. Anyway that job should have gone to her...


by DK Newton

The Old Man eyed the Young Man sitting a few benches away from him. That Young One had come to take his children from him.... The tenth story from ‘You Ate My Friend & Other Frights’

The Dinner

by DK Newton

Linda had invited Trish and Jack over for dinner. She had given her daughter the secret recipe book and told her she was to cook for the party. ‘Treat it as a last meal’ Linda had said... The ninth story...

Love and Fur

by DK Newton

Her working name is Beauty. His name is Henry, but Beauty’s father calls him 'Ohh Beast!'. The job has gone wrong, Beauty has been kidnapped and the hero hired to rescue her rides on something called the BIKE....