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Jeering oiks, kangaroo burgers and a cat

by Dan W.Griffin

An Exclusive Royal Wedding Limited Special Edition Collector's Souvenir Gift Pack Set of Dan's Pig & Fiddle pub review.



Look Kid, there aint no Santa

by Dan W.Griffin

A short excerpt from No stranger to the P45 describing a Christmas job as Santa Claus.



Hugely-significant vocational unpleasantness

by Dan W.Griffin

What's your worst-ever job? This was just one of my rather disgusting vocations of years gone by. I hope you'll still be able to eat chicken.

No stranger to the P45

by Dan W.Griffin

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to crash a fairground ride, upset the Russian mob, humiliate yourself in front of two and a half million people, fall asleep on a push-bike, pole dance, be Santa...