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The Middlest Angel

by Bruce T. Forbes

written 2003. I have been overwhelmed by the responses to this story. Thank you so much for making my Christmas so wonderful by all your kind letters! By all accounts this story has been read to children around...

Paul and the Monk

by Clare Palmer

A great little short story for Christmas. Brought to you by Enjoy x



Secret Santa

by Barbara Leahy

Another great little Christmassy tale from our Christmas Short Story Advent. Enjoy x



Lady Killers

by Jo Derrick

A great Christmas story, brought to you by Enjoy x



Fairy Food

by Simon Edwards

A delightful christmas short story brought to you by Enjoy x



Winter Dream

by L.J.Annis

Another great seasonal story brought to you by Check out our sponsor




by Sandra Davies Baker

A great new short story, perfect for Christmas. Brought to you by Check out our sponsor



Turkey Envy

by Emma Coates

Another great little tale brought to you by Enjoy x




by Vanessa Horn

A great Christmas story. Brought to you by Enjoy x Visit our sponsow



The Mole, the Vole, and the Tiny troll

by Pete Donald

A lovely heartwarming Christmas tale for kids of all ages, brought to you by



Ten Pence Please

by William J Thirsk-Gaskill

The winner (1st Place) in our Christmas Short Story Competition Check out our sponsors for great literary gifts this Christmas



Candy Canes

by Jasmine Dawn

When Bella Swan has an accident on Christmas Eve, she thinks she's being taken to the hospital. Instead, she ends up at the Cullens' where their strong religious beliefs make her realize how monstrous they really...

Christmas Sermons

by Marvin McKenzie

Various sermons for the Christmas season. Most of them are original. Some of them are adapted from other sermons I have found over the years.



The Christmas Jester

by RoseMary McDaniel a.k.a. Amy Hayle

For Fiona and Lindy, renovating a 100-year-old home for their gift shop was a dream come true, until Fiona learned that the former owners had left behind much more than dust bunnies, including the strange little...

Three French Hens - A Christmas Collection (Revised Edition, Complete Book)

by Gayle Ramage

Three French Hens is a collection of short stories based on titles of well-known christmas carols, ditties and hit singles. Includes - "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Fang Teeth" - a vampire get a bit more...

The Holiday Collection

by Indie Eclective

“The Holiday Collection” is the second anthology of short stories from the Indie Eclective: A group of nine authors crossing genres. These holiday-themed stories range from serious to humorous, and all express...

Joseph's Lines

by Kurt Ulmer

Sister organized a nativity play as she did every year. There were two plum parts to be had: Mary and Joseph. The three wise men looked good but made only a brief and silent appearance. Not much glory there....

X is for X-mas

by Troy Dennison

He is a ghost, a whisper, a rumour, a myth... And on a cold winter's night he is a man determined to reach his target inside an isolated, snow bound house. Spy, soldier, assassin, thief... X could be any of...



Santa Gets Outsourced: A Short Story

by Gayle Tiller

Santa Gets Outsourced: A Short Story" is a short humorous tale of about 6,000 words. It's the week before Christmas in the North Pole. Santa and the elves receive notice that operations are being outsourced...

Tis The Season, Baby

by Jesse Iaquilino

Six 150-word stories of Christmastime and love. Disclaimer: I do not own Muse. The events within are entirely fictional.