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The Ground Beneath My Feet

by Ray Daley

When Earth finally can't supoport us all mankind has to come up with an alternate plan to ensure the survival of the species. The ships that carry the seed of humanity out into space won't always find perfect...

Lovejoy's World

by Dai Alanye

Wally heads out to rescue his girlfriend, Vickie, and Keira to rescue her career -- across the parsecs to primitive Lovejoy's World. They'll soon be sorry. The planet's backward economy is supported by a prison...

Milk Run

by Ray Daley

On a regular planet hop made many times before without incident the first blemish on a perfect record is only ever less than a second away. When the worst happens can anyone save them?

The Glass Hummingbird

by E.R. Mason

Cassiopia Cassell's IQ had tested at genius level on more than one occasion. When tragedy strikes, her genius suddenly becomes driven by love, making her seem almost like a super hero. But, in the strange and...




by Christina

A bit cruel but why not ? that's life isn't ?




by Eleanor Pilcher

Beatable is about 3 spies, two men and one woman, they are all from relativly different backgrounds and know nothing of each other but they all share one thing in common they are all spies working for one boss....