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Silhouette: III

by Rohan Paxton

Someday I hope to buy her gifts , someday I hope to be her valentine , someday I hope to make a stronger bond with her, someday she might become someone else's and if it were not for these hopes to get converted...

Silhouette: II

by Rohan Paxton

Someday I hope to get her phone number, someday I hope to talk to her, someday I hope to take her out, someday she might fall in love with a better guy and if it were not for these hopes to get converted into...

Silhouette: I

by Rohan Paxton

Someday I hope I will get to know her name, someday I hope to make her my friend, someday I hope she will read this story, someday she will leave and if it were not for these hopes to get converted into reality...

Fragments of Reflection

by David Harding

A look into the diary life of an author trying to free themselves from the burden of worldhood.

Diary of the Displaced - The Journal of James Halldon (Sample)

by Glynn James

Part 1 of the serial novel "Diary of the Displaced" There is a place where nightmares are real. It is a dark and terrifying place, hidden from the world we know by borders that only the most unfortunate of souls...

Diary of a Real Estate Agent

by Jon Citizen

A short story describing Day 1 in the new life of Jon Citizen. A life in real estate. When we all thought the real estate industry was as low as it could go, it just gets worse. And worse. A humourous exposé...



Gulls and Chuffs

by e c love

If Milton's Paradise Lost was written to justify the ways of God to man, then the much much more modest aim of Gulls & Chuffs is to reveal (though most definitely not justify) something of the ways of men to...




by Drew Andrews

A short, dark tale about two very close and forbidden young artistic lovers and the rough woman between them.