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Growing Pains: Helen (Very Short Erotic Story)

by John D

This shows a small party Reuben hosted at his house for his friends and their girlfriends. It introduces wild girl Helen, who Andy meets while at University. This story has gay, lesbian and hetrosexual sex within...



Dua's from TIBB AL A-IMMA - Islamic Medical Wisdom

by Masumeen (as) - XKP

In this book you will find a treasure of invocations for various ailments. Thanks to duas.org IslamicMobility.com

Growing Pains: New Pleasures XVI

by John D

This is the next instalment of the Growing Pains series. College starts for the students and Andy has a wild date. Zoe celebrates her birthday and Sarah is left speechless. The previous books are on Feedbooks;...



Skull Face Revealed

by Roberta E. Howard

Steffie Costigyn, drug-addicted adventurer, ends up in the clutches of Kathulis the Scorpion, a strange, ancient woman with access to many secrets. Can she break free of Kathulis, the elixir of life and her...

The Beast Jewel of Mars Reshone

by Lee Brackett

Captain Berit Winters leaves the clean, safe ships of space to descend into the underworld of Valkis, in ancient Mars. Looking for an old lover that has fallen under the sway of the old Queens, and Shanga, the...