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Comme Un Rêve de Pierre (Harry Potter for grown-ups)

by Squibstress

Stan looked at him. And that's better than any sex Bill has ever had.

Chanson de Severus (Harry Potter for grown-ups)

by Squibstress

Severus watches. He reflects on how things went so far so fast. Not a true chanson de geste, since it follows none of the prescribed meters. But it is a romance of deeds, though some not as heroic as tradition...

Humiliated Husband

by Isis Cole

Just how low will Miley’s husband go? Will he allow himself to be tied-up while another man - a rich, rude and hugely well-endowed man - sexually dominates Miley? Will he go even lower than that?

Humiliated Teacher

by Isis Cole

This is a sample of a longer book. You can now get the entire ebook for FREE on Click the link inside the book to go to the Humiliated Teacher page on Smashwords. Just how low will Mrs. Heath...

The Last Hundred Yards

by Jim Dayton

Ever had the perfect day all planned out? It never quite goes as you hoped, does it?