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Harem Knights - After Dark

by Holden Braithwaite

It's 534CE, time for radical regime change, and it will start in the harem. Two untried young men inherit Southern Arabian city states on the verge of ruin from their degenerate despotic fathers. Their road...

Nominate 'My Year With The Gods' for a free ebook - offer ends TODAY

by Holden Braithwaite

"My Year With The Gods" has a 5000-word sample on Kindle Scout for your nomination. If published you receive a free copy of the ebook. An engaging study of the absurd where humorous overtones mask a deeply subversive,...

To Love A Criminal

by Olive Stonne

Nivea is a woman with talent in different things, but she chooses to work in a simple book store, since she prefers to be relaxed and in a mellow place. Arriving home late one afternoon she finds something against...

Messy Jessy

by Isis Cole

This is an excerpt of a longer work. Jessy Michaels has an oral fixation. She likes it when she has something big in her mouth. And she likes it when she gets her face all messy. She likes it sloppy and dripping...

Laura Interracial Taboo Erotica

by Angela Minx

When a small town Apple Princess takes on a new job in the city, she had no idea what to expect. A new city, new job and new friends were a lot of new things to take on all at once. She was excited and nervous...



High Stakes Nikki

by Jennifer Roberts

Nikki is tired of the same old Dick. They've been in Las Vegas for two days and the only thing her husband seems to want to do is lose money in the poker room. While she sits in the hotel bar, she is joined...



Home Comes the Hero

by Alice Dee

I thought I would try my hand at an erotic short story. Harold spends years in a POW camp and dreams of making love to his staid wife but when he gets home ...

Baby Sister

by Isis Cole

Graphic, kinky, torrid sex. ADULTS ONLY. The Baby Sister. Her big sister just brought home a black man. Mia and Lacey are rich, spoiled, entitled young women. As little girls, they used to share everything....

Kelli Learns to Be Bad

by Nikki Palmer

Kelli has always been a good girl. When she loses her job, and a girl who never worked but slept with the boss, keeps hers, she decides she'd done being a good girl. She goes to the park with every intention...

Love Like This (Black Family Series 1)

by Sylvia Hubbard

Angered that his wife would sleep with his brother, Ethan swore revenge. To his surprise, he becomes involved with the one person his wife never wanted him to get close to...her daughter, Nicole. Once Ethan...