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Odyssey: California Dreaming

by Eric Chase

"Reality is stranger than fiction. Who wants to waste their time writing about elves and dragons, when there are enough fantastic and diabolical entities and events all around us here in the real world. The...

Internet Jobs As A Solution (Booklet)

by Wael El-Manzalawy

Diversity is converted by some people to an obstacle against progress. But I think that diversity should encourage us to think of creative solutions. And this is what I try in this booklet.

Recreation Director

by Jass Richards

short story from collection titled "This Will Not Look Good on My Resume"




by Eleanor Pilcher

Beatable is about 3 spies, two men and one woman, they are all from relativly different backgrounds and know nothing of each other but they all share one thing in common they are all spies working for one boss....



No stranger to the P45

by Dan W.Griffin

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to crash a fairground ride, upset the Russian mob, humiliate yourself in front of two and a half million people, fall asleep on a push-bike, pole dance, be Santa...