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Last Tales of Mercia 3: Elwyna the Exile

by Jayden Woods

In the late 1040's, the first group of Norman lords arrives in Engla-lond. King Edward believes they are allies. But as Lord Richard FitzScrob begins to construct the first Norman castle in Engla-lond, the conflict...

PLAY / BDSM: Walkthrough

by Jess C Scott

The PLAY / BDSM Anthology by Jess C Scott is a collection of BDSM-themed contemporary short stories. Jess's aims with the stories were to: (1) explore the psychosexual themes of BDSM, and (2) share with others...

Bad Romance: Walkthrough (Seven Deadly Sins)

by Jess C Scott

The Bad Romance Anthology is a pop culture inspired short story collection, which links star-crossed lovers to each of the seven deadly sins. Bad Romance: Walkthrough is a freebie mini compilation. In this promotional...

Naked Heat: Walkthrough

by Jess C Scott

The Naked Heat Anthology by Jess C Scott is a collection of incubus and succubus stories. Naked Heat: Walkthrough is a freebie mini compilation. In this promotional eBook, Jess talks about the themes and inspirations...

A Wisp of Smoke

by Christopher Cruz

a collection of short stories to be read while alone at night. the author can not guarantee enjoyment if read during the day.

Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

by Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen began publishing his Fairy Tales in 1835. This collection of 127 of the stories was translated by Mrs. Paull in 1872.




by Owen Zabel

This is a story about an old man and his toys, or maybe it’s about something else...

Buryin' Gran

by Frederick A. Lierman

Bittersweet tales about love, life and death.



The Hunting Party

by John Ritchie

Another great short story brought to you by Enjoy x



400 Words

by Kurt Ulmer

This is a brief (400 word) guide to writing and assessing short stories. Especially my own. Some writers object to a structure for stories. That is fine as long as you realize that no structure is a structure...

The Swapping Stick

by Pete Donald

Toad was not just envious of Duck, it was so much more. But even Toad could not expect what would happen when he helps to free a rat from a jar and acquires the Swapping Stick. Another unique short story for...



The Mortal Hole

by Tom Lichtenberg

A collection of short fictions, including the complete Sexy Teenage Vampires trilogy, The Futile Epikles and other characters, and several previously unpublished stories.

Scare a Bear

by Pete Donald

Bear believes there is nothing more scarier than he is. A young cub challenges him to prove it, but Bear discovers that being the biggest, strongest animal might not stop you from being afraid of something



Of Life and Death

by John Ritchie

Another short story brough to you by Enjoy x



The Rising: Missing in Action

by Crystal Rodriguez

Following their narrow escape, Tony and the rest of the survivors don't seem to be out of the woods just yet. After an accident derails their plans, they have to find a way to regroup and find their missing...

A Slow and Utter Breakdown

by M.M.Wake

Another short story brough to you by Enjoy x




by SJI Holliday

Another great short story brought to you by Enjoy x



Careers Advice

by SJI Holliday

A brand new author and a brand new short story brough to you by I hope you will join me in welcoming her to the writing fold. Enjoy x



Bohemian Heart : a Sydney Story

by Patricia Turner

A story featuring iconic Rowe Street, Sydney. The little lane-way was Sydney's true bohemian heart, until it was demolished by developers in the 1970s. In its heyday its shops, cafes and art galleries were frequented...



Don't Mention the War

by M.M.Wake

Another short piece of fiction by M.M.Wake. Brought to you by Enjoy!