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A New Tale

by Whirligig

After a long wait, I've finally completed my trilogy of Zelda fanfics. In this final installment, Link and friends set out to face a villain they've already seen. But this time, they'll have to journey into...



Tell Tale Heart

by Emmanuel Obi, Jr

WARNING: Strong violence Poe's grim and malevolent style was always amazing to me and a source of inspiration in a lot of my writing and artwork. One of my favorite short stories, The Tell-Tale Heart, is a perfect...


by Johnny Wheeler

A short story about greed and consequence by Johnny Wheeler.

The Box

by Johnny Wheeler

A chilling dark short story by Johnny Wheeler.

The Blackened Rose

by Johnny Wheeler

A short compelling story by Johnny Wheeler

The Tattered Lass

by Johnny Wheeler

Short Tale of a mysterious woman and a startling discovery by Johnny Wheeler.

The Giant and the Ants

by Johnny Wheeler

A mighty giant gets his comeuppance in this original tale by Johnny Wheeler.

The Lady in the Snow

by Johnny Wheeler

A tale of a woman walking in the snow a long, long time ago. An original story by Johnny Wheeler.