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Erotic Seduction

by Moll Molone

When beautiful but lonely Imogen is seduced by the beguiling Jason, her slumbering sexuality is awakened. Despite remorse and guilt, she throws herself into a reckless affair, while her controlling lover continually...



Sisters Same

by Graham A Black

Twins. A boy and a girl. The same for so much of their lives. Siblings that lived out their early years so much like one another. A strong bond between them that, for one sibling, could never be let go. A bond...

Piper's Proposal

by Lexie X

College is out for the summer, and Piper's finally worked up the courage to ask Isabella to marry her. She takes the gorgeous blonde to the restaurant where they had their first date. Nothing can go wrong, right?...


by Rohan Paxton

This book has been compiled with all the volumes in the hit series "Silhouette". This is the diary of a guy named Herald and the girl whom he was in love with. A love story written like no other. Will Herald...

Your Favorite Song

by Original Typo Queen

In which two best friends fall in love. Starring All Time Low as themselves & Debby Ryan as Taylor Alfonso.

Mud Pie

by Emma Lee Bole

A tale of rugby, puddings and murder. Ingredients: 1 handful of illegal drugs, 1 twelve-inch chef’s knife, 1 blood-stained handkerchief, 6 rugby forwards and half a motorbike. Stirred together by Lannie Herron,...

My Year With The Gods

by Rex Thompson

Search for 500 years to find a long lost true love? Even a god needs a little help from his friends. . Black humor abounds when an 11-year-old village idiot cursed from birth to remember everything except his...

A Guide To Online Marketing

by 411 Locals

Learn more about online marketing and how you can take advantage of it to grow your business.




by Higor Martinez

Este livro foi escrito com o intuito principal de contribuir para a divulgação da meteorítica no Brasil, um assunto ainda muito desconhecido e pouco compreendido por grande parte das pessoas, apesar do crescente...



The Other Watson: The Grace Chronicles Volume 1 Book 1

by Grace Watson

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, the most famous duo in all of literature and maybe all of entertainment. Sherlock thinks he knows everything he needs to know about John and John's life, however when he finds...



Seance Club

by Ray Daley

So what do you do when you meet a group of girls having a seance on your local bus? Why not read on and find out?


by Andre Gal

Do you think it is impossible to be at the same time in two different places? Just ask Jan about it. Not everybody can do it, sure. But if you’ve got no home, no family and no friends, you can do some things...

3 Quick Ways To Get Quality Life Insurance Leads

by hillaryhoward54

Generate more Business Insurance Leads, Life Insurance and Commercial Insurance Leads. ExclusiveCalls offers best Commercial Lead Generation in Las Vegas

Guiding the Youth of the New Generation

by Ayatullah Murtada Mutahhari - XKP

This book is the fruit of one of the many discourses of the distinguished thinker and scholar, Ayatullah Shahid Mutahhari . Yet again, he conveys the dire need to rethink how we address challenges posed in the...



Red Caviar

by Awers Inc

For more than 15 years now Awers Inc. has been the largest distributor of US made Russian-style Salmon Red Caviar in North America. We offer a wide variety of packed caviars both for wholesale and online retail....



Get fake grass to give the appearance of real one

by Syntheticgrass

A lot of people don't know the extensive benefits of using fake grass instead of growing all natural grass. Sure the natural one has amazing benefits but it also comes with an array of tasks that you require...

Sundowning Diary - part 1

by Farhad Mammadov

"Sundowning diary" portrays the life of a young billionaire who suffers from severe form of dementia called sundowning syndrome and have been in a constant chase of a sunlight for almost 10 years , traveling...



Advantages of Installing Synthetic Grass in Your Garden

by Syntheticgrass

Synthetic grass Sydney is a great alternative for natural grass that is quite a headache to maintain. Synthetic grass is famous for its great quality, real grass like appearance and feel and also for its zero...

Benjjii Begins An Adventure

by PM Thomas

A Change Is Coming 4 Schools to Learn about Cooperation in Face of Climate Dynamics As part of this project, where by the 15 Educator's editions (and growing), representing the most effected populations of Climate...

Know All About Laser Wood Engraving Machines and Get Them Online

by Alex Hennell

Laser marketing is big and fast developing field now and laser engraving is a subset of this vast field. Basically laser engraving is the practice of engraving things using laser. Laser wood engraving machines...