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The Search For Lesbia's Foot

by Rex Thompson

Black humor abounds when an 11yr-old village idiot cursed to remember everything except his own name creates chaos in 534CE when he joins Hermes, messenger of the gods in his epic deliriously saucy search for...

Seance Club

by Ray Daley

So what do you do when you meet a group of girls having a seance on your local bus? Why not read on and find out?

Benjjii Begins An Adventure

by PM Thomas

A Change Is Coming 4 Schools to Learn about Cooperation in Face of Climate Dynamics As part of this project, where by the 15 Educator's editions (and growing), representing the most effected populations of Climate...

Your Favorite Song

by Original Typo Queen

In which two best friends fall in love. Starring All Time Low as themselves & Debby Ryan as Taylor Alfonso.