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The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2

Popcorn Time Watch Spectre Online Eng-Sub | Spectre Free

by Spectremoviefree

you Need to look and watch Spectre movie at the source given here in called vf-films.com/templar as we have made it available specially by the pirate methods to leak the full movie Spectre Instead of going to...

Lily's Submission

by Lexie X

Lily's under pressure to make sales to keep her job. Veronica's a gorgeous domineering housewife with lots of money who likes to control people. These two meet and unexpectedly find a stronger connection than...

The Dark Army

by J.C. Bell

The lost ones, the children of war – after the fall of the Red Wall orphans abound. With no family, no home, they have but one place to go – the so-called Warphanage; where they will train to become the...

The Interview Room

by Mike Ramon

A short story. Detective Jim Willis, now old and near retirement, can't forget about an old case, and the day he came face to face with a monster.

Dealing With Allegations of Sexual Assault

by Bill Doogue

Learn how to deal with allegations of sexual assault. Know the different types of sexual offences and the criminal laws surrounding them in Victoria, Australia. This ebook provides information on the various...



Evolving Your Consciousness

by Anoop Alex

A 2 page text on evolving your consciousness and experiencing the nonphysical.

64 Year Old Baby

by John Fredrick Carver

I am 64 years old and recently have been freed from demonic activity and oppressed by that spirit, and the ghost of a dead man that died in a car accident pain and all. The situation lasted over forty years....

Diseases of the Soul - Anger (Ghadhab)

by IslamicMobility - XKP

It is narrated from Imam al-Sadiq (a) that he heard his father Imam al-Baqir (a), as saying: "A bedouin came to the Prophet (s) and said: `I live in the desert. Teach me the essence of wisdom.' Thereupon the...

The Ultimate Way of Digital Marketing with bluecube network

by Jonathan

Bluecube Network is Jaipur based Web Development and digital media marketing agency which offers SEO services , social media services and digital media services. To know more click here :- http://www.bluecubenetwork.com/...



Nubian Moses, Ethiopian Exodus, Arabian Solomon

by Bernard Leeman

This is an attempt to revive interest in pre-Babylonian capitivity Old Testament history, discredited through lack of evidence in Israel/Palestine. It supports the vercaity of the Old Testament historical account,...



Sztuczne Ognie

by Szopa

Kiedy już wydawało ci się, że śpisz.



In the Looking Glass

by Mike Ramon

A short story: A ,man finds a mirror with a note stating that it is free to take. What he doesn't know is that this is no ordinary mirror. And it has something terrifying to show him.