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The Hit

by Patrick Quinlan

“Rich in characters lovingly drawn and mercilessly executed.” – The London Times When times were good, Jonah Maxwell was a New York ladies' man. He liked to look sharp and drive fancy cars. But times are...


by Patrick Quinlan

“A fast-paced thriller… the story moves at warp speed, followed by a cinematic chase scene.” – The Boston Globe Smoke Dugan is on the run. A bomb-maker by profession, he dropped out of sight because...

Welcome To New York

by Ray Daley

The tourist attraction of the past is also the tourist attraction of the future - for an entirely different reason!

The Deer

by Shirley Glynn

Meet Bill and Sue Andrews. Florida residents and newly retired, they're traveling on a rural road in upstate New York heading toward Albany when bad luck jumps out at them. They hit a small deer. That incident...

New York City Marathon

by Joseph Devon

The day of the New York City Marathon brings vast crowds to Manhattan. Some come to run the race. Some come to watch the race. Some come to get drunk and watch the race. And some come knowing full well that...



Courting Disaster

by Meryl McQueen

Abrams Porter. Plumber. Smart, sexy, single. Every woman's best friend. And falling hard for Nina, the long-legged vision he met at a hot dog stand. A short, sharp story about love, pickup trucks, relish, Twizzlers,...



Never get to heaven

by Beauty Martinez

Lucifer, the fallen angel has for centuries lived among the humans yet kept himself invisible until Ariel Aurora Amethyst, the girl with the most dynamic and angelic soul to ever walk on earth is born and suddenly...