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Guns Don't Kill People...My Uncle Does (A Varied Collection of Short-stories Geared For A Man)

by Carla René

These short-stories vary from ghost, to horror, to military in nature, and are just perfect for the man with the short attention-spa...hey, a cookie! When a mysterious illness attacks a community and the military...

Zen In The Art of Absurdity

by Carla René

In “Sounds Like...A Self-Portrait” we see Fern’s struggle to go for it with Rogers or not. But will her gas keep them apart? “Road Rage” shines a light on all those crappy drivers--who are driving...

The Gaslight Journal

by Carla René

The year is 1881. In spite of being in America, how you appear to Victorian high-society determines your future. Isabella Audley is on Christmas break from Radcliffe, returning home for the first time in 3 years...