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Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins, better known as Anthony Hope (9 February 1863 – 8 July 1933), was an English novelist and playwright. Although he was a prolific writer, especially of adventure novels, he is remembered best for only two books: The Prisoner of Zenda (1894) and its sequel Rupert of Hentzau (1898). These works, "minor classics" of English literature, are set in the contemporaneous fictional… (more)


The Prisoner of Zenda

by Anthony Hope

The Prisoner of Zenda is an adventure novel by Anthony Hope, published in 1894. The king of the fictional country of Ruritania is abducted on the eve of his coronation, and the protagonist, an English gentleman...

Rupert of Hentzau

by Anthony Hope

Rupert of Hentzau is a sequel by Anthony Hope to The Prisoner of Zenda, written in 1895, but not published until 1898. Queen Flavia, dutifully but unhappily married to her cousin Rudolf V, writes to her true...

Le Prisonnier de Zenda

by Anthony Hope

Rodolphe Rassendyll, un touriste anglais, arrive à Strelsau, capitale d'un pays imaginaire d'Europe Centrale, la Ruritanie. Il y rencontre un lointain cousin dont il est le parfait sosie, le prince héritier...

Service de la reine

by Anthony Hope

Ce roman est la suite du Prisonnier de Zenda. La fin du premier volume a fixé le sort du duc de Strelsau, du roi Rodolphe, de Rodolphe Rassendyll. Mais, qu'en est-il de Rupert de Hentzau, qu'est devenu Rodolphe...