Customize PDF files


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On the page of everything that you can download in our public domain and original books sections, multiple download links are available.

Although Feedbooks keeps in cache PDF files for A4 documents, these files are just templates and you can ask for a custom e-book anytime you want.

For PDF files you can customize:

Using these settings, you can easily get a file more suited to your taste, or even use our website for various devices that we don't have a template for.


Instead of asking for your settings each time that you'd like a custom PDF, you just have to select these settings once and Feedbooks will remember them.

First of all, to create custom PDF files, you need to be registered and logged in.

We need a way both to identify who you are to generate these files with the right settings, and to store these settings: that's why you can't create custom PDF files without registering/logging in.


You can access the custom PDF settings either from a download page or from your profile.

Once you're on the page for these custom settings, the easiest way to find the best suited settings is to select one of our template and modify it.

The first time that you access this page, everything will be set up for the A4 template but you can switch to another template using the links on the left of the page.


Once you've properly set up your custom PDF settings, just select the "Custom PDF" link to download. Since these PDF files are created on the fly, it can take a few seconds for your download to start.