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The EPUB (2007) file format is a standard for e-books supported by the IDPF.

EPUB is actually divided into 3 different standards: Open Container Format (OCF), Open Packaging Format (OPF) & Open Publication Structure (OPS).


It is a natural evolution of an older standard, OEB (1999), which is at the core of various formats (Mobipocket, LIT etc...).


EPUB is a reflowable format, which means that unlike PDF, a single file can adapt itself to any device, any screen.

Compared to similar reflowable formats, EPUB is much more advanced:


Overall, if your reading system can support EPUB, it is highly recommended to use this format.

Feedbooks is the first platform who fully supported EPUB, and all of our books are available in this format.


On a desktop/laptop

Adobe Digital Editions is a free desktop software available for Windows and Mac OS X.

It can handle almost all of the EPUB specs and provides a rich reading experience. Through it's library feature, Digital Editions supports mobile devices too (See the full list).


Many reading systems can support EPUB. Check our list of software on the dedicated page.