Formatting Tips


Web Publishing Interface

Title: Parts/Chapters

You'll notice that whenever you add a chapter, the default title is New Part/New Chapter.

If you don't need a title, just click on the text and remove everything.

Plaint-Text & Project Gutenberg

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't directly paste plain-text in our interface:


If you'd like to add a book from a plain-text source, you need to pre-process the text first (with a Word macro for example).

If you'd like to add such a book on Feedbooks, we recommend you to pre-process everything through Gutenmark or to use the HTML version whenever it is available.

Formatting Poetry

Poetry might be the trickiest thing to do correctly.

First of all, while formatting poetry, you'll have to avoid using a paragraph per verse.

Whenever you hit the Enter key, you create a new paragraph. You'll have to use Shift+Enter to avoid creating new paragraphs.

You'll notice a second problem though: the first line of a paragraph is always indented.

To avoid this behavior you can wrap the poetry into a blockquote tag (using the button with a blue quote) or you can hit Alt+Enter on the first line, then start the poetry.


Footnotes are usually very tricky in digital publishing too for several reasons.

Most of the time, people format them using hyperlinks which is basically a very bad idea.

While they may end up in some formats as hyperlinks, they do carry a meaning and should be defined in a specific way in the source of your text.

To correctly format footnotes on Feedbooks, we introduced the button.

Click on this button where you'd like to add a footnote and enter the text of your footnote in the pop-up.

You can edit this footnote anytime that you'd like, just double click on the .

For those of you who'd like to play with the XHTML sources, you can use a div tag to add a footnote this way: Text<span class="footnote">Text of the footnote</span>.

It won't show up on the WYSIWYG editor, but they will be correctly processed while generating an e-book.