Publishing a Public Domain book


Web Interface

Formatting Tips

1. Locate the Author



Enter the name of the author in the search field, or click on Public Domain > Authors (top left menu), then click on the author's name to navigate to the author's page.




If the author is not yet listed on Feedbooks, you can Add the author (you'll find the link at the top right of the Author list pages) by filling in a few biographical details. After adding the author, you will automatically be taken to the next step to add a book.


2. Add the book


On the author's page (example : Arthur Conan Doyle's page is here : you will see, in the top right of the page, the link "Add a book".




Fill in the metadata information for the book you want to add (Title, year of publication, language, etc.), Don't forget the categories, so people can easily find the book.




3. Create the structure of the book, and add the text


Add the text of the book, respecting the structure (parts, chapters, etc.).


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


When you're done, just click on "Publish".

N.B. Public domain books must be validated and therefore are not immediately available for download. However, you can get an ebook version by requesting a preview.