Digital Master: Debunk the Myths of Enterprise Digital Maturity

de Pearl Zhu (Auteur)
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The purpose of DIGITAL MASTER is to envision the multidimensional impact that digital philosophy, technology, and methodology will have on the future of business and human society. In today?s overly complex, hyperconnected, and interdependent business dynamic, Digital Masters ? the highly mature organizations ? not only apply the most advanced digital technology into their business management disciplines but, more importantly, they orchestrate the harmonized digital symphony across all key business arenas, from shaping the digital mindset to building the high performing organization:
?Develop visionary digital leadership
?Shape open and creative digital mindsets
?Craft and execute a holistic digital strategy
?Advocate digital innovation next practices
?Refine a highly effective enterprise culture
?Optimize high-performing business capabilities
?Explore data-rich digital Intelligence
?Unleash enriched digital talent potential
?Pursue high level digital maturity

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21 janvier 2015
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