Arab Jazz

Arab Jazz

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Arab Jazz

Kosher sushi, kebabs, a second hand bookshop and a bar: the 19th arrondissement in Paris is a cosmopolitan neighbourhood where multicultural citizens live, love and worship alongside one another. This peace is shattered when Ahmed Taroudant's melancholy daydreams are interrupted by the blood dripping from his upstairs neighbour's brutally mutilated corpse.

The violent murder of Laura Vignole, and the pork joint placed next to her, set imaginations ablaze across the… (more)


Arab Jazz
Writing crime fiction came to me very naturally, after fifteen years spent filming and gathering stories (February 03, 2015)
Interview of Karim Miské by Bernard Strainchamps, translated by Lara Touitou

Karim Miské was born in 1964 in Abidjan. He is a writer and a documentary filmmaker. Arab Jazz is his first novel.

Editorial reviews (2 reviews)

With two strong police characters, Kupferstein and Hamelot, a psychotic murderer, brutal corruption and the advent of a little blue pill that delivers a messianic high – we have a very potent brew and a plot that spans the Atlantic, Paris to New York.

It’s certainly a well-achieved literary novel, detailed with colours, tastes and flavours, sustaining a light and energetic comic tone even when the material is unrelentingly grim.

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Publisher: MacLehose Press (February 05, 2015)

Format: EPUB

Page count: 304 pages

Protection: DRM

Language: English

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