Mr Love and Justice

by Colin MacInnes (Author)
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<div><p><i>&#145;I&#8217;d say they&#8217;re making money out of love &#150; or out of sex, at any rate. And personally, darling, I consider love as sacred: the one and only really sacred thing that&#8217;s left: and if you make money out of that, then you&#8217;re destructive and should be destroyed.&#8217;</p></i><p>Frankie Love, new to the business of crime, seems to run his illegal life on strictly fair principles. Meanwhile Edward Justice, recently appointed member of the vice squad, finds his upholding of the law complicated by love for his girl. In London&#8217;s world of corruption and crime, where does the line between justice and immorality really lie?</p><p>Love is travestied in the activities of the prostitute, justice mocked in the procedure of the vice squad. In this thought provoking and humorous tale, Colin MacInnes writes with an authenticity which only an intimate knowledge of the seamier side of life can deliver.</p></div>

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July 30, 2012
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