Geordie's Mingin Medicine

by Roald Dahl (Author), Quentin Blake (Illustrator), Matthew Fitt (Translator)
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Geordie's Grannie was a grabbie crabbit auld wumman wi peeliewally broon teeth and a wee snirkit-up mooth like a dug's bahookie. She wis aye compleenin, girnin, greetin, grummlin and mulligrumphin aboot somethin or ither. She wis a meeserable auld grumph. As far as she's concerned, Geordie can do nothing right. But when it's time for him to give her a dose of her daily medicine, Geordie decides to mix up a concoction from his own recipe, with astonishing results! Sit back and watch what happens when Grannie takes a spoonful of Geordie's magic broon brew. Following on from the best-selling The Eejits, Matthew Fitt has written another Scots version of a classic Roald Dahl story. Strong stomachs and a head for heights are required for the hilarious tale of Geordie's Mingin Medicine.

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Publication date
July 02, 2012

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