THOMAS A. EDISON - The Life-Story of a Great American

THOMAS A. EDISON - The Life-Story of a Great American

by Unknown Author (Author)
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The American Way - The childhood of a 'self-made man' — How a newspaper is founded without money and without collaborators - Apprenticed to Magic - How electricity is transformed into money - Science and Business - Edison the Napoleon of Modern Times - The Fairyland of Menlo Park - Edison at Work and Edison at Play - Distance is Abolished - Edison starts upon the Conquest of the Old World of Europe - Recording the Voice - Is it a Ventriloquist? - Glory and Harmony imprisoned in a Cylinder - Let there be Light ! And there was Light! And this Light emanated from America - Recording the Gesture - In Full Fairyland - A few other Marvels, Small and Great - Llewelyn Park at Orange, New Jersey - The Recipe for Genius and Success.

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Publication date
March 04, 2016
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