Daily Raw

Daily Raw

by Nadia Petrova (Author)
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This book is written for people who love food and want to be healthy. It uses only natural ingredients, combining them in an easy way to prepare delicious and satisfying meals. Each recipe is simplified to cut cooking time, but has a gourmet touch to make the dish look beautiful and fancy. Because this too is part of my philosophy of life and food – meals have to be tasty, easy and feast the eye the same way they nourish the body.

This book is not meant to convince you to eat 100% raw food in your daily life. It is here to help you incorporate more raw foods for health and youth; to make the transition to a healthier you smoother.

Think health when you prepare your meals, and remember... Health is a choice.

  • All kinds of raw recipes, from drinks, salads & dressings, cheeses & main meals to desserts;

  • Easy and simple everyday recipes, no dehydrator needed;

  • Tips & tricks for most of the recipes;

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Publication date
December 19, 2011
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