YOU CAN PROSPER: How To Do More With Less

YOU CAN PROSPER: How To Do More With Less

by Lucille Friedland (Author), M. Nikkie Roberts (Editor)

Published by RainbowExchange.NET Books.

“Live long and prosper,” alien Spock famously said on Star Trek as he held up his signature hand sign. Today, many people here on Earth want to live better with what they have as well. Some may even find that they have less money than they thought that they would. You can discover many ways of enjoying life and living longer here in this book. It explains how to do so in a way that you can save money, save time, prepare and follow a budget, plus live spiritually. Often based on recent research studies, I share ideas new and classic. In almost all cases, I have tried and/or regularly do these items myself. This book also shows you how as the title says “You Can Prosper: How to Do More With Less.”


What is the need for this book? “Average American Household Debt Estimated to be $90K,” announced a news headline on AOL in 2016. The article stated, “Limited to debtors, …average [U.S. family debt] rises to a staggering $130,922—with $15,762…from credit cards alone….” with the source of information from the web site NerdWallet. Medical and grocery costs rising higher than paychecks is one major source of financial stress, continued the article.


Readers Rave About this Book:


"Lucille Friedland has developed a treasure trove of great ideas that extend into many areas of life with an exhaustive list of options and opportunities. It's positive and empowering.”

Mary Candace Mize, MAT, Librarian, Teacher of Gifted, Writer,

Vice President and Co-founder of Hidden Secrets Book CoversTM


“I enjoyed reading this book with its wonderful ways to better and simplify life. This useful book makes life easier, more fun, more meaningful, and more prosperous.”

Phyllis Elowitz, Artist, Editor, and former High School Teacher


"For anyone interested in personal improvement and life skills this is an excellent resource. It offers excellent ideas and advice…. I wish this book had been available when I was a teacher."

Pat Sutton, M.S., Retired, Registered Parliamentarian,

Personal Improvement and Life Skills Teacher

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