The God Adventure: Embracing His Power and Purpose for You

The God Adventure: Embracing His Power and Purpose for You

de Terry Meeuwsen (Auteur)
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Terry Meeuwsen, cohost of The 700 Club and Living the Life, issues a challenge to believers everywhere to exchange their safe, status quo existence for the eternal impact of a lifelong “God adventure.” This book was born out of an unexpected detour late in Meeuwsen’s life that led her and her husband to adopt three sisters from the Ukraine. A testimony to God’s provision and faithfulness, hers is an adoption story reminiscent of God’s choosing us to be a part of His family and extending the invitation to join Him in unexpected, uncertain, unpredictable God adventures. But this is much more than one family’s story. It is the call of God to His people—to set aside our plans, sacrifice our comforts, share our blessings, and walk where the path is not always clear.

God Wants You Out of Control

When God says, “Follow Me,” He doesn’t usually provide a road map.

And that’s the beauty of The God Adventure.

It’s an open invitation to a lifetime off the beaten path. Terry Meeuwsen, cohost of The 700 Club, beckons the tentative to experience the thrill of saying yes to God and “So long!” to their comfort zones. For Terry and her husband, in their fifties, living the God adventure would mean adopting three Ukrainian sisters—in addition to the four children they already had! But the Meeuwsens have never regretted telling the Lord they would be risk-takers for Him.

And you won’t, either. So say goodbye to the familiar rut. Set aside your plans. Beautiful surprises abound when you embark on the God adventure!


ISBN 1-59052-250-8

Story Behind the Book

Terry Meeuwsen is one of America’s most successful Christian broadcasters—known and loved by many who watch her every day on CBN’s The 700 Club. With her husband, Andy Friedrich, she was already a busy 50-something mother of four when she sensed the Lord calling her—quietly but insistently—into a stunning God adventure: to open her heart and her home to three orphaned Ukrainian sisters she had never met. Through daily steps of faith and surrender, what seemed impossible became a reality. Now the Friedrich children number seven. And at every turn, Terry sees more evidence that the extraordinary life God wants for each of us is always only one step away.

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19 février 2009
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