Andrea Robinson's 2007 Wine Buying Guide for Everyone

Andrea Robinson's 2007 Wine Buying Guide for Everyone

de Andrea Robinson (Autor)

Completely updated with information on more than 800 of the country's top-selling wines (100 more than were included in the 2006 edition), Andrea Robinson's buying guide is dedicated to the best-quality, most popular, and most readily available wines found in stores and restaurants. In addition to giving the lowdown on taste and value, this compact resource is packed with unique features such as:

·Candid "from the trenches" comments from consumers and wine pros alike

·Results of "kitchen survivor test," revealing how each wine fares as a leftover

·Robinson's Best Bets or solving every buying dilemma, from hip wines to impress a date to blue-chip choices
for a client

·Listing of the years' top-performing wines at every price level, from steal to splurge

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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