The Revenant

American pirate, frontiersman, fur trapper, fur trader, hunter, and explorer Hugh Glass (1780-1833) once made his way crawling and stumbling 200 miles (320 km) to Fort Kiowa, in South Dakota, after being abandoned without supplies or weapons by fellow explorers and fur traders during General Ashley's expedition of 1823. The Revenant - Some Incidents in the Life of Hugh Glass, a Hunter of the Missouri River by Philip St. George Cooke is the key historical document supporting the recently filmed Hugh Glass story. The account is backed up by two other detailed eye-witness reports included here - Hugh Glass and the Grizzly Bear by Rufus B. Sage (from Rocky Mountain life; or, Startling scenes and perilous adventures in the far West, during an expedition of three years by Sage) and Glass and the Bear by George Frederick Augustus Ruxton (from Adventures in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains by Ruxton). This digital edition includes an image gallery. 

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22 de diciembre de 2016
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