A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (with an Introduction by E. Hudson Long)

de Mark Twain (Autor)
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First published in 1889, ?A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur?s Court? was inspired by a dream in which the author, Mark Twain, imagined himself as knight in the time of chivalry. The book relates the tale of Hank Morgan, an engineer from 19th century Hartford Connecticut, who is inexplicably transported to the early medieval England of King Arthur. While there he uses his knowledge of modern technology to appear as though he is a magician. Despite his best intentions, Hank?s attempts to modernize the past bring about a tragic end. A bittersweet depiction of the Arthurian legend through the eyes of a 19th century American, ?A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur?s Court? satirizes the romanticized notions of chivalry and the idealization of the middle ages, in a delightful and enchanting way, exemplifying Mark Twain at his satirical best. This edition includes an introduction by E. Hudson Long.

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