An Hour After Midnight

An Hour After Midnight

by Lolly Pope (Author)
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When he discovers his three sons having sex with the maid, Daddy decides to take their examples. Before that, though, he prefers watching them enjoy the girl’s body while he stays in bed and masturbates next to his sleeping wife.


It’s an hour after midnight. My wife is sleeping next to me and I’m getting a little desperate, my cock throbbing in my pants and oozing precum like I haven’t taken care of it two hours ago in the shower. My laptop is silently waiting for me on the nightstand, but I can’t get to it because my wife is sleeping on my arm. I groan inwardly, hoping I won’t miss the show.

My heart starts pounding. I need to get her off me.

My cock jerks painfully, releasing more precum on my lower belly. Shit, shit, shit! My hips move up and down on instinct, making the sensitive skin on my cock’s head rub against the material of the pajama pants. I barely swallow a loud moan.

Fortunately, a few minutes later, my wife spares me the work of getting my arm out from under her, when she rolls off me on her side of the bed. I sigh, glad that I can move and immediately retrieve my laptop and open it.

Shit, I hope I haven’t missed anything.

I have cameras and mics all over the house. Why? Well, because I have three young sons and I like following them around. Mainly because I’m a good parent and mostly because I just love watching them masturbate or fuck that little maid we have in our house.

My wife hired her when she came knocking on our door one day because she’s getting old and the house is big and hard to clean. We put her in the basement.

Obviously, my three sons took advantage of having a pussy right under their noses. Neither my wife, nor I have anything against it as long as they don’t get her pregnant. And I have to be honest with you I kinda had my way with her a few times too.

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August 23, 2017
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