The Bloody Valentine's Day

The Bloody Valentine's Day

by Xenohikawa Sabrina (Author)
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The rain poured out unceasingly, thunders filled the atmosphere and lightning lit up the skies. The street looked empty, few passing cars broke the silent darkness. On the distance, traffic lights blinked dimly unable to cope with the falling rain. Water splashed over the sidewalk each time tires ran over the traffic lights; none of the drivers obeyed the red ray. In a bad weather like that, all lights meant the same “Drive through”. No rules, just common sense.

The small town looked like a death pond, filled with engulfing and raging water, which sooner or later sunk to its bottom. Lights were off by the bad weather; a giant tree collapsed and befell electric cables. Darkness covered the place as if the buildings started to fade away.

Inside a small apartment room, agent Bryan was staring at his glass windows. He watched the sliding water on his windows with great interest. “Water goes to the lower places, that is a natural law” said He “however, nowadays technology makes water able to refute its law.” He wondered how man could change natural laws, and even violated rules for their own purposes. I started to like the idea “Rules are made to be violated.” He talked to himself.

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August 30, 2017
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