The Go for It Neighbours

by Melissa L. Manning (Author)
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Rain Woodrow is an entrepreneur, both at heart and by profession. Shes not afraid to do whatever it takes to make her company a success. Its a work ethic that is about to come in handy at home too.

One night, she and her boyfriend, Cullen Dangsi, notice something remarkable happen. At a gathering of their neighbours, each stands up and pledges to work towards their highest aspirations and goals. There is power in numbers, they realise, and soon the neighbours are working together for both individual and community objectives. This cooperative spirit does not go unnoticed by the media, and soon the spotlight of public attention shines brightly on Sunlit Avenue.

But that attention comes at a cost. It draws focus to those who arent quite as dedicated to the communal projects, as well as those who are jealous of what others are achieving. Why cant everyone be supportive of this initiative to make each others lives better? Rain and Cullen work to solve the mystery, so that they can achieve their dreams, with or without the naysayers.

The neighbours have a decision to make: do they allow themselves to be pulled down by toxic peopleor do they work even harder to accomplish their goals with renewed ambition?

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March 27, 2015
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