Number 17, Garamond Road

Number 17, Garamond Road

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3.99 Number 17, Garamond Road

On the south coast of England sits the little town of Horse-sur-mer. Settled by Huguenots fleeing France before expulsionor worseit seems to attract the strangest people. People like Roddy Lewis, who talks to dead Huguenots; Laura Tregarthan, a vicar who cant quite stick to Anglicanism; and Police Sergeant Eileen Sturgeon, whos not quite sure whats going onbut shes going to fight to protect everyones right to be as weird as they want.

But not everyone loves Horse-sur-mer… (more)

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Publisher: AuthorHouse (February 06, 2015)

Format: EPUB

Page count: 386 pages

Protection: Drm+lcp

Language: English

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