So...You Want the Law of Attraction to Work

A Course of Resources to Facilitate Accomplishing the Law of Attraction
de Linda Mitts (Auteur)
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So You Want the Law of Attraction to Work is basically a workbook to use as you become involved in information by other well-known authors. The information presented in this course is what I thought explained the law of attraction in terms that are more readily understood. The questions that I present are there to guide you and aid in understanding what the author is trying to communicate. The materials I have included are:

The Secretthe movie
E-Cubed by Pam Grout
The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
Attract Money Now by Joe Vitale
Law of Attraction by Michael Loiser
The 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor
Down the Rabbit Holeon DVD
The Passion Testdone online

It is my intent to help you discover how you can live the life you desire.

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17 mars 2016
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